If I remove the SD card from an Raspberry Pi 2 and move it to another Raspberry Pi 2 (same model)

  1. Can I expect it to boot correctly?
  2. What modifications need to be made / considered so that the stack will work?

If you have successfully done this before, please state this in the reply.


Yes, doing this should work fine. I have done this many times, even switching entire OSs. There is no reason that it wouldn't work.


I also routinely do this. In fact you can move cards between the B, B+ or Pi2 which I have.

If moving between models the only differences would be if you had drastically changed the memory map or frequency or were using a distribution (such as Ubuntu) which only supports ARM7.

If you want to use both Pi simultaneously there are a couple of other things to check:-

  • hostname should be unique
  • If you set a static IP address :-( this should also be changed.

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