How much power Pi Zero consumes in Headless mode?

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    It is an impossible question to answer without knowing what is connected to the Pi Zero.
    – joan
    Feb 11, 2016 at 12:26

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Raspi.Tv reports a peak draw of about 140mA, 100mA idling. You can these convert to power (watts) by multiplying by 5 (the voltage that the current is being supplied at).

Chart of Pi Zero current draw figures

While Jeff Geerling originally reported some extremely low current draw figures, it appears that he revised his measurements upwards after identifying an issue with the accuracy of his original test setup. Those latest measurements agree with the Raspi.TV figures to within 20mA.

  • HDMI off, LED off: 80 mA (0.4W)
  • HDMI off, LED off, USB WiFi: 120 mA (0.7W)

Actual measurements show they consume about 65mA (0.325 Watts at 5V) while idling and 140mA (0.7 Watts at 5V) at maximum.


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