I created three accounts as follows;

sudo adduser Edwin
sudo adduser Mike
sudo adduser Brian

Now I would like share a folder between these three accounts so if Mike downloaded an image or a document into the folder, Edwin and Brian can see it and be able to modify it.

All help would be highly appreciated.

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You will have to add those users to a group, and then have that group own the directory. The process is outlined in this Superuser post


If you want an user to be able to access a file or a folder, you need to set the correct permissions for it. First of all, you need to create a specific group for the three users.
Do it like so : groupadd mygroup where mygroup is the name of the group, for instance sharingUsers.
Then, you need to add your users to the group : useradd -G mygroup user where mygroup is the group you've just created above. Replace user with the user you want to add to the group. In your case, run the command three times with Edwin, Mike and Brian.

Then, make sure the file's owner is one of the user in the group you've creating. Use chown the change the ownership of a file or folder (assuming that your file is called myFile). So you would do chown Edwin myFile.

The permissions are set up with the command chmod. In your case, you would do chmod g+rw myFile. This changes the permissions for the group the file owner is in (g). The + adds permissions and rw stands for read and write. If you want the users to be able to execute the file, use +x.

To change a file permission for just one user, use chmod u+rwx myFile. This will add all the permissions to the user owning the file.

(Note : Never copy commands from website, type them yourself)

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