I am trying to enable remote access to Transmission on my RPi. This is the error msg when I type

404: Not Found

Couldn't find Transmission's web interface files!

Users: to tell Transmission where to look, set the TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME environment variable to the folder where the web interface's index.html is located.

Package Builders: to set a custom default at compile time, #define PACKAGE_DATA_DIR in libtransmission/platform.c or tweak tr_getClutchDir () by hand.

I can't find any guides on how to fix this.

It worked at one point. I think it stopped working after trying to setup apache2, php, and owncloud.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit 1:

I have figured out that I am missing the following directories found in transmission-common. Proven here.

/usr/share/transmission /usr/share/transmission/web

I probably deleted them while trying to reinstall. However now when I reinstall the packages, it does not recreate these folders. How do I make it create all those folders?


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OK I figured it out. I had to run:

apt-get install --reinstall transmission

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