I installed the Raspberry Pi2 image of Ubuntu Server 14.04 on my Raspberry Pi 2 B. The other day I bought a LCD display, that is now plugged onto the GPIO pins: Is there any possibility to get raspi-config on Ubuntu?

I want to enable SPI like it is done in this tutorial (I didn't found a good source on how to install the mentioned display on a Ubuntu running on a RPi2...).

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There are a number of problems you have to overcome. Even if you could install raspi-config it would not work.

The recent Raspbian use Device Tree to configure peripherals, and raspi-config uses this (which is one reason it is only in recent versions of raspi-config). AFAIK the current Ubuntu (15.10) also does, but not 14.04.

You would have to go back to an older tutorial which describes the manual process for configuring SPI.


Ubuntu does not support raspi-config that is a Raspbian feature. You may be able to research the modules that are loaded by raspi-config to enable SPI and recreate that on Ubuntu (no guarantees though). I think the better course is to switch to Raspbian, as you already discovered most tutorials are written for it.

  • Installing Raspbian and following one of the tutorials seems to be my fallback variant. I would love to stick to my configured Ubuntu (+ I am more familiar with Ubuntu). I just want to have a shell output on the LCD screen I bought. However, thanks for your quick answer! Maybe someone else has 2cents :) Feb 16, 2016 at 22:10

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