I wanted to create some timelapse footage with my NOIR pi and IR light source with my pi 2 B+. I am able to capture the photos fine. My problem is that when is use os.system("avconv........") to convert the photos to video I keep getting a syntax error.

When I paste the same line (minus the os.system and "") it works absolutely fine. I have import os and import sys at the top of my script so it isn't that it can't call os.system (I don't think).

I have also tried subprocess.callw but have the same issue. Both attempts are below. I'm less familiar with subprocess.call so am even more uncertain as to whether it's correct.


os.system('avconv -y -r %s -i /home/pi/Timelapse/image%s.jpg -r %s -vcodec libx264 -q:v 3 -vf crop=4256:2832,scale=iw:iw /home/pi/Timelapse/timelapse.mp4" %(FPS_IN,'{:05d}',FPS_OUT))

I'm fairly new to python, I only started playing with it a few weeks ago when I got the pi, steep learning curve. Any advice would be fantastic :)


In the first case you need to quote TimelapseVideo.mp4


In the second case you are mixing single and double quotes. I suggesting suing format strings instead of the format operator %.

os.system('avconv -y -r {0} -i /home/pi/Timelapse/image{{:05d}}.jpg -r {1} -vcodec libx264 -q:v 3 -vf crop=4256:2832,scale=iw:iw /home/pi/Timelapse/timelapse.mp4'.format( FPS_IN,FPS_OUT)

Note that {{ and }} are needed if you want a curly brace in a format string.

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  • Thanks for the help. I am still getting errors with both lines. I feel like it must be something in the avconv bit but I have no idea what. sudo python SleepingTimeLapse.py File "SleepingTimeLapse.py", line 60 os.system('avconv -y -r {0} -i /home/pi/Timelapse.image{{:05d}}.jpg -r {1} -vcodec libx264 -crf 20 -g 15 timelapsevideo.mp4 /home/pi/timelapse.mp4' .(FPS_IN,FPS_OUT)) ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax – Robin Feb 25 '16 at 18:26
  • You are missingformat after the string. – Craig Feb 25 '16 at 18:35

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