• Raspberry Pi 2 B
  • Raspberry Pi Camera Board - PiNoir
  • uv4l-server and uv4l with uv4l_raspicam driver @ 640x480 px
  • Motion by lavrsen.dk

I am doing live streaming with uv4l-server at http://raspberryip:8080/stream/video.mjpeg. This mjpeg stream works like a charme. On a second Pi I want to detect motion but Motion always gives me pixeled images / see below.

# motion.conf for Motion on a second Pi 
# <also tried on a second ubuntu environment 
# with the same pixel-crashed images below>
netcam_url http://raspberryip:8080/stream/video.mjpeg

Looking at Motion's internal webcam server (default port 8081) I am observing the same crashed images as saved by Motion to the dir_target

Any clues why despite viewing http://raspberryip:8080/stream/video.mjpeg directly streamed by Pi No.1 is working, Motion running on Pi No.2 (or even running on Ubuntu) is giving these pixel- and colour-crashed images?

I appreciate any hints..

Why is the live stream by uv4l-server fine, but Motion's output/live webserver is not?

image that Motion is giving me - although the uv4l-server gives a working mjpeg stream enter image description here

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