I am working in a pygtk project with Gtk2. As part of modification I need to include Gstreamer 1.0 instead of 0.1. In my old system can use

import sys, os, os.path, time
import pygst
import gst

But I don't know how to add new version of GStreamer ... I try above one with change in version as

 import sys, os, os.path, time
 import pygst
 import gst

but got error as

pygst.require("1.0") File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pygst.py", line 57, in require raise RequiredVersionError, "Only version '%s' is available" % _pygst_version pygst.RequiredVersionError: Only version '0.10' is available

Please advise how can include new version fine...

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You can't use GStreamer 1.x in Python together with the old GTK2 Python bindings. GStreamer 1.x uses a newer version of pygobject than what pygtk2 requires, and they both conflict and unfortunately the GTK team did not release a pygtk2 version that works with the newer pygobject although they're still maintaining GTK2.

You'll have to upgrade to GTK3 at the same time as updating to GStreamer 1.x.

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