With the instructions at https://www.raspbian.org/RaspbianMirrors one can create an apt mirror of raspbian.
This clones the whole repo of packages belonging to all the releases of Raspbian i.e. Wheezy & Jessie.
I am interested in mirroring just the main repo of Jessie.
How should I do that ?

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Fast way (dirty)

Create a file (let's name it exclude.txt) in wich you will list pathes to be ignored by rsync (ex: raspbian/dists/wheezy/), then add the parameter --exclude-from=exclude.txt

It is not clean because it will save disk space, but won't correct the indexes of the DB.

Clean way (slower)

Install and configure apt-mirror. It will maintain a local DB, based on the real content that you had choosen. But it's configuration is out of scope, here.


Install apt-mirror and configure the archive /etc/apt/mirror.list Add this lines with just main:

deb-armhf http_mirror_address jessie main

add this line in cleaning section

clean http_mirror_address

And that's it

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