I've just successfully compiled and installed Wayland and Weston on my raspberry box (running Raspbian) following these instructions http://wayland.freedesktop.org/raspberrypi.html However, when I run weston, the only program available to run on Wayland is weston-terminal. How can I install other examples?

Thanks, Giulio

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    – random.cpp
    Jan 8, 2013 at 16:19

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There aren't a lot of applications available for Wayland natively at this point, however there is an X emulation layer (xwayland.so) that can be enabled in your ~/.config/weston.ini file by adding the following lines to the file and restarting weston.


In my experience so far futzing with it, I have had limited success however I have seen screenshots from other people's blog posts showing xwayland happily working so I'm going to posit that given the right circumstances the XWayland layer will give you a pretty usable system.

  • hm, doesn't seem to work on the regular install, maybe they are using another install source?
    – Mateo
    Jul 11, 2013 at 16:29

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