I want to send video files (approximately 70 MB) over a distance of 200 meters outdoors. I have some experience in using Raspberry pi and a lot of experience in Python and Java. I need some advice on which parts to use and how.

Thanks in advance


jacobsalmela.com reports wifi reception with a range of 700m(!) using a cantenna. He used a fairly standard bag of tools plus a suitable can, a USB adapter with a removable antenna, cabling and an adapter.

Basic outline:

  • Cut a 31mm length of 12 gauge copper wire
  • Open the (cleaned) can at one end only
  • Mount the copper wire and antenna cable connector to the can per below diagram
  • Connect the cantenna to the USB WiFi adapter

Diagram of antenna placement

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    To add onto @goobering's answer with the can/copper wire, here is a WIFI adapter for the pi with a removable antenna if you wish to follow his answer; buyraspberrypi.com.au/shop/… – S.Rose Mar 14 '16 at 22:12
  • For maximum distance you will want some power, and a good Yagi antenna like this one: ebay.com/itm/… – SDsolar Mar 19 '17 at 22:18

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