Just installed Windows 10 IoT into my 16GB Sandisk micro SD card, using the IoT Dashboard as described in this Get Started article.

enter image description here

But after the completion of flashing, the disk size is reduced to 64MB!

enter image description here

So the question: how can we retrieve the lost partition? Or, how can we correctly install Windows 10 IoT?

  • this is just a boot partition, just put your sdcard in RPi and boot it ;)
    – rav_kr
    Mar 19, 2016 at 12:40

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It's called partitioning. That's why you sometimes see two 500GB drives when you plug in a 1TB hard drive. There are no mini 500GB hard drives inside a 1TB drive.

Windows 10 simply partitioned it that way. There's a 64MB partition that's visible to your PC. The rest is not visible to your PC (but is being used by Win10 IoT). Nothing got lost, and nothing got broken.

So basically, it's correctly installed if it boots up on the Pi.

Here's a related question: SD card is titled “RECOVERY” and only has 1GB after using RPi

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