I have been having trouble using sudo apt-get update, howevr this is a separate problem. In trying to fix this problem by adding a different mirror in /etc/apt/sources.list/ I am having trouble. Whenever I open sources.list with the default RPi text editor and then try to save it after editing, I get this error:

Can't open file to write.

I have been trying but can not figure out why this happens. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The sources.list file is owned by root, which means that the standard Raspberry Pi user doesn't have write access to the file. The simplest way to get a graphical, root level file editor is by opening a terminal and typing

sudo leafpad

Then, use the open dialog to select /etc/apt/sources.list/. You should now be able to make changes and save the file. Simply close leafpad when you're done and you should see a new prompt appear in the terminal window once the leafpad process exits. You can now close the terminal window as well.


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