i'm working on a double solution in my one with 2 rpi one is for the domotic part (a rpi 1b+ with ethernet and wifi dongle, no usb device or hdmi display for now) and one as mediacenter (a rpi 2b with ethernet a usb unifing receiver an external with it's own power hdd, hdmi connected)

my question is can i power both the rpi with one Aukey PA-T7 ? it's a wall charger with 2 usb out with both quick charge, because i have some space problem with the power plug, but i don't want to have power issue, i don't have any experience with this charger so i don't know if it's reliable or not

thanks in advance


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The recommended power supply for the rpi 1b+ is 1.2A and for the rpi 2b is 1.8A you can find a more detailed break down here. Note that this is more then the maximum a pi + peripheral can draw.

From what I can tell the device you listed is rated at 2.4A @ 5V, which is per port (2.4*5 = 12W per port, the device support up to 36W which you wont hit with 5V) so can drive both devices with plenty of room to spare.

  • I think this is still possible with Raspberry Pi 3, even with one usb 2 power. Commented Apr 10, 2016 at 12:03

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