Anyone know where I can get the FULL mechanical drawings of the Pis?

I have found many drawings - but the cover only the top PCB perspective - i.e. the do not cover left/right/front/back perspectives, and are thus unsuitable to design a 3D case from.

Do these exist anywhere?

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There are many existing 3D models of Raspberry Pis available for free at grabcad.com. Your question implies that you already have access to some modelling software, so it should be fairly trivial to pull the necessary dimensions from these models. The following is a quickly-grabbed selection that look about right - when using GrabCad models it's always a good idea to, at a minimum, check the comments regarding the model's accuracy. I've come across one or two that are nearly, but not exactly right.

Pi A

Pi B

Pi A+

Pi B+

Pi 2

Pi Compute Module

Pi Zero

Pi Camera

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