I'm playing around with Win 10 IoT Core on my RPi 3 trying to connect to AWS IoT. To connect to AWS IoT as a device, you're supposed to use X.509 certificates but I can't find X.509 certificate support anywhere. I'm using M2Mqtt and I'm just not seeing anything for X.509 on a search in the Object Browser. Do I have to switch back to Raspbian if I want to do this or am I missing something?

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I was looking into this as well, I also noticed there is no AWS SDK for C# for AWS IoT.

I think until there is .NET SDK, it is probably better to run on Raspbian.


Please follow this instruction, Then you will get certificates,

  1. You can create one yourself (using the right tools, such as keytool),
  2. You can ask a Certification Authority to issue you one (either directly or using a tool such as keytool to generate the request).

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