i connected sd card at the bottom of raspberry pi 3. But there is no place to put sd adapter? what is it and what it does? Sdcard has a memory of 16G, and i was able to coonect it, bottom of the pi. In case of urgency, how can I shutdown the pi in case of kernel panic, like with PCs.

  • What does this have to do with GPIO?
    – sir_ian
    Apr 9, 2016 at 16:40

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Assuming you mean something that looks like this micro SD card adapter top and micro SD card bottom. The top item is a micro SD card adapter, and it is used to allow reading and writing of the micro SD card in a computer with only a standard SD card slot. It is not needed by the Pi 3, since the Pi is designed to use a micro SD card.

If the Pi has a kernel panic your only option to shut down may be to pull the power.

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