After installing adafruit-webide I realized the server autostarts at boot.
I tried to prevent the service from autostarting to no avail

I tried all of these:

sudo update-rc.d -f adafruit-webide.sh remove
echo manual | sudo tee /etc/init/adafruit-webide.sh.override
sudo update-rc.d adafruit-webide.sh disable


sudo service --status-all

shows the service running (and I can enter the ide in my browser).


sudo service adafruit-webide.sh stop

is not stopping the service.

I must be doing something really wrong.
I am running and up-to-date raspbian on a rasbberry pi 3.
I do not want to remove the program I just want to start/stop the service when required.

I tried systemd commands like

sudo systemctl disable adafruit-webide.service

to no avail. Service is always on after reboot.

And there is something more interesting: when using sudo service adafruit-webide stop, I can see it actually stopping but, after few seconds, it restarts again:

automatic restart after stop

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The solution that worked is marking the service as unstartable with

sudo systemctl mask adafruit-webide.service

systemctl stop/disable did not work for some reason.
systemctl mask is a more aggresive mode of stopping the service.
It links the unit to /dev/null making the service un-startable either manually or automatically unless it is unmasked again.

There are interesting references here, here (both from fedora) and here

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