Okay so I have this brand new RPi 2 Model B un-boxed and I have little idea how to set it up on Windows. I read up a bit online and downloaded putty and Nmap. On windows I'm connected to the RPi via Ethernet. In network connections, I get `Unidentified Network, No Network Access' (I don't know if this is significant). I'm not connected to the Internet.

My question: How do I find my RPi IP address (Easy on Linux), and How do I access the RPi terminal

  • Your question is unclear. Have you created a SD Card and booted the PI?
    – Milliways
    Apr 10 '16 at 0:44

If your RPi connected to network you may find out with Angry IP Scanner (supports all platforms) and you can connect to it via Putty. But first "maybe" you need to enable SSH your RPi's. If not enabled you can enable it with raspi-config on RPi's terminal.

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