I have a problem to view index.php of WebIOPi:

  • I installed: gcc-4.7 and Python 3.2.
  • Downloaded WebIOPi like so: wget http://webiopi.googlecode.com/files/WebIOPi-0.6.0.tar.gz
  • I ran tar xvzf WebIOPi-0.6.0.tar.gz
  • cd WebIOPi-0.6.0
  • sudo ./setup.sh
  • And started with this: sudo /etc/init.d/webiopi start

But when I go to http://my_ip:8000I don't find the index.php of WebIOPi. Why?

  • To your local IP or public IP? If you are using public IP do not forget about port forwarding on your router.
    – Huczu
    Commented Jun 27, 2016 at 6:46

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As you have not specified your config file from /etc/webiopi/config it is very difficult to know where your configurations are actually working or not.

However there is also a patch which I use for Raspberry Pi - 2 Model B which made things very easy.

The patch is although for WebIOPi version 0.7 but if there are internal issues which cannot be sorted you might as well go through the Patch from DoubleBind or just follow their README


It may be late to answer, index.html is located in the folder htdocs but try to reconfigure it:

dpkg-reconfigure webiopi

if it doesn't solve your problem you may find index.html in the folder that you installed in like: /pi/home/webiopi/htdocs/

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