I read about RDP on Raspbian, but how about the Raspbmc desktop; is there a way to do a remotely connect into it?

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Seems like the real answer lies in the Raspbmc FAQ:

Q: Can I run a VNC server on Raspbmc?

A: No. VNC relies on the X11 window system, but Raspbmc’s XBMC implementation is rendered in the framebuffer only. Thus VNC cannot be used as there is no X-session available for connection.

RDP, just like VNC, relies on the X11 window system—the same limitation applies:

xRDP on Raspbmc: unable to starts X session


You can login to your Raspbmc using ssh. Once logged in install XRDP (Or any other of the RDP solutions Remmina, rDesktop) All ways to install these are in the other question you mentioned.

How to install XRDP Run the following command once your logged into your Raspberry Pi over SSH.

sudo apt-get install xrdp

How to make it run at boot. Following is from the link, more elaborate ways can be found with Google.

With LSB tags, you can:

  1. add: update-rc.d xrdp defaults
  2. remove: update-rc.d xrdp remove
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    This solution works on Raspbian and other flavours that come with the X11 window system. Commented Jan 27, 2013 at 0:59

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