The kickstarter game Eco. I am wondering how to run a server from the Pi. I successfully ran a Minecraft server on the Pi but that has a tutorial. Anyone know how to get me started to create one for this game? I would imagine that it would require less computing power but I don't know much about this type of stuff.

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    A link to the game's home page would be helpful. Is this game designed for the Pi? – Steve Robillard Apr 24 '16 at 15:59

The short answer is no this is not possible. On the kickstarter page's FAQs is the following list of requirements:

Client Requirements: 
Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent 
DX9 capable video card 
1GB HDD space

Server Requirements: 
Varies depending on desired world size. 
Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent. The more CPUs the better. 
4GB of ram 
1GB HDD space

The Pi does not meet the minimum CPU requirements to operate as a client or server, nor does it have the required RAM for a server. The CPU requirement also indicates that the game is compiled for the x86/x64 architecture which is not the same architecture as the Pi's arm architecture. More info on architecture differences can be found on our blog.

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