When I start my Pi, it boots to text and asks for the password. How do I start graphical version?

I tried holding the shift key when starting up, but it didn't change anything.


You can change how your Pi boots using the raspi-config script.

  1. From a command prompt start raspi-config by typing the following:

    sudo raspi-config
  2. select option 3 Boot Options,

  3. then select option 3 Desktop or Desktop Autologin (The first will require the password, the second will not).

  4. Click Ok and

  5. click Finish to exit raspi-config.

Finally reboot to test your changes.

FYI holding down the shift key determines whether the Pi boots to safe mode.


If you just need to start it once:

sudo service lightdm restart

Assuming you are using the standard Raspbian.

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