I normally use my Pi from the command line, but have been trying to do some operations from the GUI.

I am using Raspbian Jessie and the default File Manager PCManFM which I am finding immensely frustrating, not to mention lacking Documentation (I have looked at the website which seems to consist of a description of "Features").

  1. How can I set the default view so I don't have to change each Folder from Icon View? There seems to be no option in Preferences.
  2. How do I copy a Folder from one Pane of Dual Pane Mode to another? I have tried dragging; Copy and Paste as I would in most GUI to no avail.

for PCManFM 1.2.3

Edit > Preferences. The default window should be on General, the first "page" at the bottom of which is the "Default list view" with a drop down menu.

as for the Dual Pane mode, I had no problems using either of the methods you tried, and could navigate between panes both by clicking and by using ctrl+tab.

  • Since that answer, I've had PCManFM stop allowing me to drag to select multiple files, and I've had trouble dragging items from one pane to the other. Ctrl+X and Ctrl+P still work fine though. – astrocom Mar 30 '17 at 1:18

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