I have a RPi 3 with the latest Raspbian and a simple webcam. I would like to stream the video through it using Pi IP. I tried to follow this tutorial: http://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-webcam-server/ But I didn't find webcam_localhost off. After that I read this tutorial wasn't for RPi3. Anyone has any tip about it? I'm a real beginner and I would like to found some clear tutorial about it.


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It looks like Motion's options changed since your linked tutorial was written. The config option you were looking for (webcam_localhost off) seems to have been changed to control_localhost:


Values: on, off

Default: on

Limits the http (html) control to the localhost. This option must be placed in motion.conf and not in a thread config file.

With a little luck the latest documentation should provide equivalents to the options you need.

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