I'm trying to SSH into my RPi 3. Its connected to my WiFi network and has the IP I previously used it over a direct lan connection to my old Win 8.1 PC, running the hostname -I command gave me an IP with which I could connect to my Pi over SSH and I got a VNC server running as well.

I've had some upgrades lately and bought a new PC, Win 10. I've checked the IP of the Pi from both the router and the hostname -I command on the RPi, both show the same IP as above. But whenever I try to SSH into it using puTTY it gives me an error

Connection timed out.

I can't even ping the IP from command prompt, it says destination host unreachable, but I receive all the packets sent. And sometimes the same error pops up on puTTY.

I am able to ssh into the Pi over a direct lan connection, but not through my router.

I suspect port forwarding is the issue here, but I don't know much about it.

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The solution was to turn of AP Isolation on my WiFi router. Did that and problem solved!!

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