When I remote access the raspberry pi with software now installed I do not get to access the current session displayed on my tv, but rather a new session.

Is there software to access the current running session so I can use the keyboard and mouse connected to my laptop to control my raspberry pi?

ATM I use putty and Xming to access my PI, but that creates a new user session instead of the active one.


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You need to install x11vnc daemon on the linux distro with runs on Pi. Then run that command;

x11vnc -display :0 -usepw -noxdamage -ncache 10 -ncache_cr -listen IP_of_pi -allow allowed_ip_address

After ran the command, connect to pi with any VNC client.


You need x11vnc. This will allow you to connect to the same session on the TV.

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You should install VNC.

Basically you need to follow the instructions here.

The basics are:

  1. Install tightvncserver: sudo apt-get install tightvncserver.
  2. Make a shell strict with the start command.
  3. Add an init script.
  4. Install the tightvnc viewer from the website.
  5. Connect up.

I might add more help later, if you need it.


On my standard RPi I only need to run x11vnc without any parameters to be able to control the live session on the Pi with the TightVNC client on my Windows laptop. A couple of things did fool me for a while though, there must be a space between -display and the :0 bit, and if you've had an aborted session, you must either kill it on the Pi (eg vncserver kill :0) reboot it, or use a different display number. You also need to check the port that x11vnc is using, as displayed in the text after you run it. After a day of researching, it now works a treat.


I was able to get a remote connection start after using a shortened version of the command that gurcanozturk shared.

After installing x11vnc, I edited


to run the following command:

x11vnc -display :0 -usepw -noxdamage -ncache 10 -ncache_cr

This allows using VNC to connect once then you would need to reboot the device in order to make another connection.

To connect with VNC use the


This should get you connected up and working.

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