I have paired a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with my Pi3 running Raspbian.

I am setting up Ubuntu MATE 16.04 on another SD Card to run on the same Pi3.

I would like to use the keyboard and mouse on both distributions. I expect this is possible, as I am using the same hardware.

I guess if I pair on Ubuntu this will break pairing on Raspbian (or will it)?

Where is the Bluetooth pairing stored on Raspbian?

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Pairings are stored in /var/lib/bluetooth, but I have not tested if they're easily transferable to another system. You will certainly need to change the top directory to match system's bluetooth MAC.

In below example "A4:37:FB:E3:AC:CF" is RPI's MAC, "B0:A3:E6:A3:8B:A4" is a paired peripheral:

# find /var/lib/bluetooth/
  • For my Pi, I have 2 MicroSDs with Raspbian. I back up the pairings on card 1: sudo tar zcf bluetooth_pairings.tgz /var/lib/bluetooth and restore them on card 2: sudo tar xzf bluetooth_pairings.tgz -C / Works for me!
    – Colin
    May 5, 2018 at 8:37

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