Is there anyway to install libtranslate & libtranslate-bin (the command line tool) on the Raspberry Pi?

I have tried compiling it but I get many errors each time. I have not been able to find anyway to get it working.


Additional Information: I have Raspbian Weezy as the distro but I will change it if it means I can run libtranslate.

  • check out this rmp built for fedora, you can use alien to get that installed. There is no guarantee it will fly though :)
    – abolotnov
    Feb 10 '13 at 22:16
  • nice try, but that is an arm 7 package it would need to be an arm 6 package. thanks anyways Feb 11 '13 at 6:36

I compiled the packaged by downloading the source for the Ubuntu packages and building them. I've made them available here

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