May I know which is the best to use on a Raspbery Pi USB slot: a LOGITECH 15MP 1080P HD WEBCAM C920, a LOGITECH HD Pro Webcam C910 or a LOGITECH Webcam C525 8MP HD? I need this info because I am not sure which one is good for a home automation system. Thanks

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Here is somebody using the C920 with a Raspberry Pi.

Here is somebody using the C910 with a Raspberry Pi.

Here is somebody using the C525 with a Raspberry Pi.

General advice, do not use a USB webcam on a Raspberry Pi. Find a suitable camera that can use the dedicated camera port, it will take a huge load off the CPU. See here.

  • Good answer. Of course, if you really want 15 MP resolution and are willing to accept the processor load, then a webcam is probably your only choice. Although USB video is supposed to be standardized at this point, do search around first to make sure there is a working linux driver because to the extent that a camera does not adhere to or extends the standard, someone has to reverse engineer a driver for it, since manufacturers rarely provide them in digestible form. – goldilocks Jun 5 '16 at 11:20

Try using one of the new Raspberry Pi v2.1 cameras, as they don't require as much power (both amperes and processing power), and they have a smaller footprint than most USB webcams.

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