I bought an Osoyoo touchscreen for my Raspberry Pi. I tried a lot of methods to get it working but I couldn't get the screen working. I followed these methods:

I found this PDF file but it didn't work

This also didn't work

How can I set the screen up?

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I can't find separate driver for Osoyoo screen. They only provide OS image. If you really need this screen working you can download image from here and write it to SD card (f. e. using dd). Otherwise I recommend to use something more common (that has normal drivers).


Hey I know this is fairly old but if anyone is still looking for this. Theres a github with all the different drivers and install instructions.


  • Anyone know how to rotate the display? I still have not figured that out :(
    – DroneL
    Commented Mar 30, 2017 at 3:28

I know this is a bit late but depending on your version you can get the raspberry pi image, but I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me a link for the drivers for v6.2 at the following link:


but you can also find the remaining drivers at :


EDIT: For completeness you can find the Raspbian Images with drivers included at:


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