I would like to install the Twisted Python library for Python 3 but it seems that on Raspbian it only targets Python 2; is that right?

I've tried installing it through both apt-get install python-twisted and pip install twisted, but when I run Python 3.4.2 and try to load it, the library is not found (ImportError) whereas on Python 2.7 it's correctly imported. How is that? Is it possible to get it for the latest version of the language?

  • did u try sudo apt-get install python-twisted because that worked for me. – nick Feb 10 '17 at 14:31

There is no twisted package for python 3 in Raspbian wheezy or jessie.

There is a python3-twisted package in Raspbian stretch.

As for pip it seems that there are seperate versions for each python version. I belive you want to run pip3 to install stuff for the default python3 version.

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