Is there a way to automate cycling thought the virtual desktops as a specific interval? I have Raspbian currently installed but am not against the possibility of using another OS if required

I would like to use a PI3 as a log / graph monitoring system connected to a large display at my office which will cycle though several browsers that are running, one on each desktop. This is possible to do with Dexpot on Windows but i would like to use the PI3 if this can be done.

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This is not something I've done before, so this may land wide of the mark.

SteveRobillard's answer here says that the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+[left/right]will cycle through desktops. The task then becomes automating keypresses in LXDE. I think you can achieve that using xdotool. Cobbling together a couple of examples leads me to something that probably looks a bit like this:


while true
    xdotool key ctrl+alt+Right
    sleep 10

That's completely untested I'm afraid. It should infinitely loop around the xdotool command to bump the desktop to the next one, then wait 10 seconds.

  • Thank you for the fast reply. Will test Monday and post my results. Have a great weekend Commented Jun 17, 2016 at 16:39

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