I am trying to configure LIRC to work with my Raspberry and a circuit I build with a transistor and a IR transmitter as explained in this tutorial

After the installation of LIRC, I followed all the steps and I added these two lines in /etc/modules

lirc_rpi gpio_out_pin=36

Then I typed this in /etc/lirc/hardware.conf


After rebooting, I added the configuration of my Samsung remote (BN59-00516A) to /etc/lirc/lircd.conf

Then I restarted LIRC again but when I run a command to send a IR frequency

irsend SEND_ONCE Samsung_BN59-00865A KEY_POWER

it complains with the following error:

irsend: could not connect to socket

irsend: No such file or directory

I am guessing this is a problem with my device socket, because in the hardware.conf file I set

DEVICE = "/dev/lirc0"

(just because the tutorial states it), but lirc0 file isn't within the folder. I couldn't find any other question related to this problem and google didn't help me much either. Does anyone have any hint on this?


You should always check that tutorials are up to date.

You should now be using device tree.

Remove the LIRC entries from /etc/modules.

Add the following line to /boot/config.txt and reboot.


NOTE: You MUST use GPIO numbers not physical pin numbers. There is no user GPIO36 so I assume you mean pin 36 on the expansion header which is GPIO16.

See /boot/overlays/README for details.

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