I have a microSD card, loaded with shairplay-sync and Cirrus Logic Audio Card driver that is shared among two Pi's, one Model B rev 1.2 (I have one of those short format adapter modules that takes a microSD without sticking out of the Model B PCB) and one Pi 2 Model B.

shairplay-sync when compiled with libsoxr is very CPU intensive (e.g. streaming Ariana Grande's Focus from Apple Music via an iPhone running iOS 9.3.3 will almost guarantee to stutter on a Model 1 without overclock as libsoxr spikes the CPU, but nothing except network issues can affect the Pi 2)

It is not advisable to leave overclock settings as-is when moving from Pi 1 to Pi 2. How can I do this device-specific overclock settings?

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See section Conditional filters of config.txt for the settings you can make in /boot/config.txt

This lets you use the same configuration on multiple Pis but tailor each configuration by

  • Pi model
  • attached HDMI monitor
  • Pi serial number

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