How to connect and program my RPi3 to a Microstack Base and GPS?

I have tried for the last 3 weeks to run any/all scripts to operate a Microstack Base and GPS L80 with my Rpi-3.

After seeing a lot of posts, I'm starting to think there is a bug in either the MIcrostack board or in the Rpi-3 itself. I have purchased a number of these items for instruction and was counting on the the two items to work!

Any help is appreciated!!


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I finally found a solution. This article was very usefull for me


and i recommand you to read it

Now on RPI3 the Serial port

  • ttyAMA0 is used by BlueTooth

  • ttySO refers to the GPIO

  • The Alias Serial0 refers to the GPIO both on RPI2 and RPI3.

So :

after a reinstallation of Jessie with a recent version to be sure all is clean

as usual

$ sudo apt-get update 
$ sudo apt-get upgrade

$ sudo  raspi-config

go to Advanced options : Would you like a login shell to be accessible over serial? response "yes" (not as in the microstack datasheet )

$ sudo apt-­get install python3-­microstacknode

To install the gpsd standard tools

$ sudo apt­-get install gpsd gpsd-­clients python­-gps

edit GPSD by

$ sudo nano /etc/default/gpsd

and put the options :



$ sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt



and save

$ sudo nano /boot/config.txt

you must have at the end


Disable the console by

$ sudo systemctl stop [email protected]
$ sudo systemctl disable [email protected]

i have equally done $ sudo chmod 775 ../../dev/ttySO ( i dont know if it is really necessary )

and obviously a reboot

and miracle the gps works with

 cgps -s

NB: you must have a fix on the GPS ( the red led flashes )


The Microstack GPS uses the serial GPIO connections. These have changed with the Raspberry Pi 3.

I'd contact Microstack and ask for their workaround/solution.

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