I installed apache and No-IP DUC on my Raspberry Pi. Then, I could reach my simple html web page over the internet or on local network(using static IP of raspberry PI). Then I installed owncloud and after that I cannot reach my web page on local network(I reach owncloud instead of that) and neither over internet (I cannot reach anything over internet).

I wont to reach my web page (e.g. www.mypage.noip.net) and also owncloud (e.g. www.mypage.noip.net/owncloud).

I am new with linux systems so I installed everything according to instruction on internet. Maybe I did some mistake in configuration. Could anybody help me and explain me the problem?

Thank you!


Instead of No-IP DUC, try to configure your No-IP DDNS in your modem. This could help in changing the IP whenever, you restart the modem. If you are using D-Link you can go onto Advance options -> DDNS to do this.

  • No-IP DDNS is not supported by my modem. My modem support only DynDNS but it is not free. Thats why i isntalled No-IP DUC on my raspberry PI. I find out I have installed two web servers apache and nginx. I thing there is problem, but i cannot find out solution. – dorinand Jun 25 '16 at 15:11

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