i wonder if they is an option to upgrade php version 5.6 to 7.0 Ive seen some tips with information that i need to add new repository with php7.0, but its still not working for me. If any one has checked options that work for him please share

  • You need to compile it yourself. symfony.fi/entry/install-php-7-on-raspbian-raspberry-pi – Huczu Jun 30 '16 at 6:55
  • Do i need remove php 5.6 before install php7 ? or something else? – kuchar Jul 1 '16 at 8:49
  • Ok i did everything from link that you send me and when i write in console "php -v" it gives me "PHP 7.0.7-3~bpo8+1" but when i open my phpinfo file with "<?php phpinfo(); ?> it show still "PHP Version 5.6.22-0+deb8u1". Please help me to fix it. – kuchar Jul 1 '16 at 9:03
  • 1
    ok i solved it with command: "sudo a2dismod php5 ; sudo a2enmod php7.0 ; sudo service apache2 restart" Now its version 7.0 but i cant access phpmyadmin – kuchar Jul 1 '16 at 10:18

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