Unfortunately, thus far, I have been unable to configure my Raspberry Pi Model B to access the internet via a WPA-Enterprise connection.

I do have access to a Windows7 laptop with a working wifi link however.

Is there a simple way to piggy back an internet connection for a Model B Pi via an ethernet link to a Windows7 laptop?

What are the steps I need to go through to achieve this?

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Connect the Pi to your laptop via an Ethernet cable (regular, not a crossover). Go to "Network And Sharing Centre" on the laptop. On the left, click Change Adapter Settings. While holding CTRL, click your wireless and Ethernet adapters. Then, right click on either one. Click Bridge.

Once they are bridged, this should work. This doesn't always work for me but it usually does. It's "selective" :) . Good luck!


I've done this before using RP2 and RPB+. I would recommend using the following site which does a good job breaking it down.


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