I have tried many tutorials but can't get this to work. I simply want to play a video when my Pi turns on.

This is not when I LOG IN, or when the desktop starts, but a second or two after I plug in my Pi.

I know it works as I have seen it on tutorials but they never work.

I have tried: - editing rc.local - adding script to init.d and insserv - something else which involves a "Desktop Entry"

And it just won't work. Any help is appreciated!

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Raspbian is Debian and your script must be LSB Compliant. See this answer

  • That's not the problem here -- /etc/rc.local doesn't have to be LSB compliant. The problem is that running a foreground graphical app via init is more complicated than running, e.g., a background service. Also, Debian/Raspbian users might as well learn to use systemd instead now, since SysV has been abandoned (although init.d scripts are still supported for backward compatibility).
    – goldilocks
    Jul 1, 2016 at 20:41

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