I have a 5" display that runs entirely on the HDMI connection to the Pi, including power. Unfortunately, the display has a backlight which can't be switched off unless it is completely disconnected from power. Is there a way to shut off the power output to the HDMI port from the RPi OS?

I've tried commands like tvservice -o which was advised in other threads to shutoff HDMI displays. This indeed cuts the video feed to the HDMI output, but the power remains (apparently +5V on pin 18 is HDMI standard).

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Per Milliways answer, there's no built in method for cutting power to the HDMI socket. You could, if you were feeling keen, try using an HDMI breakout board and either a relay or transistor connected to a GPIO pin to control the power to HDMI pin 18 on startup and shutdown.

  • You got me wondering if common HDMI switchers switch the power on the HDMI output.
    – linhartr22
    Jul 5, 2016 at 18:04

No. The HDMI power is supplied via a RT9741CGV "High-Side Power Switch" and there seems to be no control.


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