I installed docker on my Raspberry Pi 2 and want to pull some images. But when I try to pull with docker pull nginx, I get Could not reach any registry endpoint. My network connection is ok and even docker search nginx echos all images. I installed docker from the raspbian repository with sudo apt-get install docker.io so it is an older version. I wasn't able to install a newer version. The docker version is 1.3.3.

Also asked in: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38286313/docker-on-raspberry-pi-2-could-not-reach-any-registry-endpoint

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The current Docker hub does not yet support multiple architecture for an image. So the image you are trying to pull when doing docker pull nginx is the x86_64 one and it won't run on Raspberry Pi.

Update: Docker has now multiarch support. So many images now can be pulled on both x86_64 and armhf (e.g. docker pull debian will work on your desktop/laptop Intel/AMD CPU as well as on your Raspberry Pis). Some images are still not multiarch, for those you can check this Docker repository for images for your specific architecture: https://github.com/docker-library/official-images#architectures-other-than-amd64

For other specific ARM7 images, you can use 3rd parties. But you need to trust the authors of these images and many are still experimental. Here are 2 links with what I think are "quality" images:

But do not trust me blindly :-). Look online at resources for Docker on Raspberry Pi and make up your mind.

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