I got my raspberry Pi a case which protects it well and to fix it all together you have to put the screen in a specific position so it all fits in and I don't know how to invert the display so I can use the case to its maximum potential, can anyone help me plz?


Include the display_rotate in config.txt. I use display_rotate=3 to rotate 90°. I think 2 is 180°.


Put "lcd_rotate=2" in /boot/config.txt and the screen will turn upside-down.

When the original software, cases and everything else was designed for the screen, no one noticed they'd got it the wrong way up. (oops!)

A software fix was put in place to flip it the other way, but some cases had already been designed for it. So the "lcd_rotate=2" option was added to flip the image and touchscreen "upside-down" so it works in those cases.

The GL driver in Stretch is not compatible with "lcd_rotate = 2" and you must disable it.

It works with the official Raspberry Pi Foundation 7" display.

  • Welcome to SE Raspberry Pi! While this suggestion is helpful, the original post (OP) was over two years ago, before Stretch was released -- and the OP does not include OS version information. Be careful when answering old questions. – Beege Oct 11 '18 at 15:36

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