I'm trying to communicate with hardware over USB CDC and Raspberry Pi 3. When the hardware is plugged in it shows as /dev/ttyACM0 and I can open the serial port. However I am never receiving any data. The hardware is sending data and I can see it when I plug it into my PC, but when connected to the Pi nothing seems to be received.

This is a stripped down python script I've tried to use to see if any data is coming through - it will just keep waiting for data that never arrives. I've tried changing the settings and using serial.inWaiting(), but nothing seems to work.

import serial
import time

port = serial.Serial(


while True:
    command = port.read()
    print command

Is there anything specific I need to do on the Pi 3 in order to receive data?

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I'm answering myself in case it helps anyone else. It turned out this is a problem with power - the script above works just fine and I can see the data coming through when the hardware is connected to an externally powered USB hub that connects to the Pi rather than directly into the Pi 3.

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