As I can see from questions like

and external blog posts like

I see that it is possible to play MIDI. Unfortunately, none of the question specifies the hardware needed to achieve this. Do I need a shield or is it a USB to MIDI adapter? Can I just use any or should I pick one for which drivers are available?

My OS would be Raspbian. I have Model 2B. Low latency would be preferred if there are multiple options.

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You can use a USB-MIDI adapter. They should work natively on Raspbian.

Update: I found this handy guide.


Any standard USB MIDI class device will work and is supported by the linux kernel. So, most any music keyboard with a USB connection, or a USB-to-MIDI dongle. IIRC some Yamaha keyboards in the Portable Grand line may not support USB MIDI class and need a custom driver; I'm not sure if linux supports these.

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