I followed this tutorial to connect one RC522 RFID reader in a Raspberry Pi.


I'm able to connect it to work with slave 1, using the CE0 pin (P24 - GPIO8) on Raspbberry 1 B+.

I would like to connect two equal RC522 RFID readers in the Raspberry Pi. But with the code provided in the tutorial I wasn't able to connect the reader as Slave 2 (CE1, in pin P26). And consequently, I couldn't connect both at the same time.

Details: The code from the tutorial we are using is here: https://code.google.com/archive/p/rpi-rc522/source/default/source

The modifications we tried is in the function on the file main.c

uint8_t HW_init(uint32_t spi_speed, uint8_t gpio) {
uint16_t sp;

if (!bcm2835_init()) {
    syslog(LOG_DAEMON|LOG_ERR,"Can't init bcm2835!\n");
    return 1;
if (gpio<28) {
    bcm2835_gpio_fsel(gpio, BCM2835_GPIO_FSEL_OUTP);
    bcm2835_gpio_write(gpio, LOW);

bcm2835_spi_setBitOrder(BCM2835_SPI_BIT_ORDER_MSBFIRST);      // The default
bcm2835_spi_setDataMode(BCM2835_SPI_MODE0);                   // The default
bcm2835_spi_setClockDivider(sp); // The default
bcm2835_spi_chipSelect(BCM2835_SPI_CS0);                      // The default
bcm2835_spi_setChipSelectPolarity(BCM2835_SPI_CS0, LOW);      // the default
return 0;

We tried to change the 2 occurrences of BCM2835_SPI_CS0 to BCM2835_SPI_CS1, but it don't detect any card in this way, changing the CS pin from p24 to p26). The gpio parameter is defined in a config file, with default value to 18, and changing it don't seems to affect it.

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