Hello I have been recently experimenting with kali linux 2.0 on my raspberry pi 3 . When I try running armitage I get the following error message

Floating point exception

When I looked into the error more I found the shell file that runs. I decided to view the file and I found that -XX:+AgressiveHeap was causing the problem. So I tried running

java -XX:AgressiveHeap

and I got the same exact error as I did when I ran armitage

Could someone please help I have already tried looking online on how to fix this error but I couldn't find anything. I am unsure what to do at this point. :(


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You have probably figured this out already, to run Armitage on Raspberry Pi you need to edit /usr/share/armitage/armitage and remove the '-XX:AgressiveHeap' option in that file.

Alternately you can use this bash script to launch armitage:

cd /usr/share/armitage/
java -XX:+UseParallelGC -jar armitage.jar $@

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