Jessie Lite doesn't provide the knfsd.ko kernel module. So I suppose that I have to compile a new kernel myself.

However, uname -r returns 4.4.13-v7+ but apt-get install linux-source installs linux-source-3.16.

What is the best way to proceed? I could download the Linux sources from linux.org and compile them myself, but then I have to maintain everything myself.


After rebooting the system I came closer. It seems that searching for knfsd.ko isn't sufficient, though advertised everywhere in the internet.

After a reboot nfs-kernel-server isn't started automatically at boot time but now I can start it manually.

The reason is that at boot time nfs-kernel-server is started before rpcbind. The (ugly) workaround is to add a line

service nfs-kernel-server restart

to rc.local.

I suspect that I accidentally damaged the init scripts so that rpcbind is is executed too late. Is there a way to recover?

I already removed rpcbind and installed it again but it doesn't help. Can I repair the init scripts with update-rc.d somehow?

Regards, Reinhard

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