Is that any single devices which can receive different sensor data connected to arduino to raspberry pi? i am thinking to use two NRF24L01 for transmitting and receive data from arduino to raspberry. if any simpler method is there ,then plz suggest

i want to interface 3 soil moisture sensor,3 stepper motor,and 1 dc motor which are all connected to arduino and control wirelessly via raspberry


It depends on the distance between the Raspbery Pi and the Arduino... If it is a very short distance (up to 5-10m) you could consider Bluetooth For longer ranges you could consider RF (your NRF24L01), or Wi-Fi. Any of these three will be variable based on the immediate location and the antenna being used. Here is a link to some range testing of various NRF24L01 modules.

For very long distances, you might be better having each end connect to a Wi-Fi access point and send the data over the internet.

You might also want to look at the FIRMATA and MQTT, each have libraries for most languages (including Arduino and Raspberry Pi), and they simplify the transfer of (sensor) data between the devices.

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