I got a Raspberry Pi for my birthday and I have no idea how to set up the touchscreen. I have looked at other tutorials to set the touchscreen up but none of the ones I found support my touchscreen. Please help me figure this out I'm a complete noob to the Raspberry Pi world.

Specs: Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Touchscreen- Kedei 3.5 inch SPI TFTLCD 480*320 16bit/18bit Version 3.0


Here is an open source driver for this display on pi.



i also started with the pi. i've got pi3 model b and the same display with version 6.2 on http://kedei.net/ you'll find a complete linux image.

i installed it on a sd card, put the display onto the pi and everything works fine ... best regard olaf


Try this GitHub post if you haven't had any luck: https://github.com/kedei/LCD_driver/issues/5

That's the official repo for the KeDei model.

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